Dragon Slayer

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Elvarg fight.png

Released: 23 September 2001
Start: Talk to the Guild master at the Champion's Guild
Length: Medium
Requirements: 32 quest points ( can be started without this in Scape05)

  • Be able to defeat Elvarg (level-83)
Unfired bowl
Wizard's mind bomb
Lobster pot
Anti-dragon shield
12 x Steel nails
3 x Plank
2000 gp


Dragon slayer start.png

The Guild master of the Champions Guild has a challange for you were you must be able to kill the mighty dragon Elvarg. This quest will bring you to various places where you have to kill a number of beasts and talk to different people across Scape05 map. Fight the migthy Elvarg to claim your right to wear the Rune platebody and prove yourself a champion!


Start the quest by talking to the Guild master who is located south of Varrock. He wants you to visit Oziach in the north-west corner of Edgeville. Oziach will explain that before he will sell the player rune platebodies, the player must kill the notorious green dragon, Elvarg, located on Crandor Isle.

He will inform you that you need to acquire three pieces of a map to find the route to the island, a boat to sail to Crandor Isle, and a shield to protect oneself from Elvarg's dragonfire.

Oziach in Edgeville gives you a maze key to access Melzar's maze. Maze key.png

Hunt for the map

Oracle npc.png

It is time to find the map pieces wich are located at 3 different areas. You can obtain any piece in any order.

Dwarven mine

First you must visit the Oracle who is located on the Ice Mountain near the Monastery in Edgeville. Talk to the Oracle and he gives hints about the items you will need to enter the locked door to get the 1st map piece.

Grab your Unfired bowl, Wizard's mind bomb, Lobster cage and one silk from the bank and go to the Dwarven mine underneath of Falador. Search for a small room with a door wich is locked. You can unlock it and go trough if you got the 4 items with you, ocne you are inside search the chest to obtain the 1st map piece

Port Sarim prison

Here you have two options: Kill Wormbrain the Goblin who is behind bars & telegrab the map piece he will drop, or you pay him 10k and he gives it directly to you. Now you have the 2nd map piece.

Melzar's Maze

For the 3rd and last piece head to Melzar's Maze where you must go venture the manor and go trough coloured doors. There are multiple doors with a colour with monsters nearby. Kill one to obtain a coloured key wich opens all coloured doors but there is only one door you have to go trough.

At the basement you find 2 zombies. Kill them to obtain a key and go trough the door. Now you meet Melzar the Mad. Kill the crazy wizard to go further to the last enemy, a lesser demon. After you defeated the demon you can acces the room with the chest and obtain the last map piece.

Door entry all.png

Duke of Lumbridge


Travel to Lumbridge castle and go to the 1st floor and talk to Duke Horacio. Ask him about the anti-dragonshield. If you go trough the dialogue he should give you one shield. ( you can get more shields by dropping one and talk again )

  • After the quest you can buy more anti-dragon shields from Oziach.

Sailor Ned

Sailor ned.png

Talk to sailor Ned. He is located in Draynor village near the bank. Ask him if he wants to sail once more on a ship to Crandor Isle. He will help you. Once you are ready to complete the quest meet him at Port Sarim at the lady lumbridge ship.

Buying & repairing ship

Repair hole.png

Take 12 steel nails, 3 planks, 2k coins and a Hammer from the bank. Go to the very south side of the dock at Port Sarim where you see Kalrense. Talk to him about the ship next to him. Tell him you want to buy for 2k coins and he agrees. Now you can acces the bottom part of ship and repair the broken hole.

Fight Elvarg

Equip yourself with the best armour and food, take your Crandor map and dont forget the anti-dragon shield. When you are ready and packed go once more to south of Port Sarim and enter the ship. Talk with Ned and make your way to Crandor Isle. After a small cutscene you crash with your ship at Crandor Isle. Make your way to the cave entrance on top of the hill and enter it. Here you will meet Elvarg.


Go trough the gate and kill Elvarg. With protect from magic he shouldnt be hard to kill, but for lower levels he can deal often damage.

After you killed Elvarg you complete the quest.

Quest completed !


  • 2 quest points
  • 18,650 strength xp
  • 18,650 defence xp
  • Ability to wear Rune platebody & Green dragonhide body
  • Acces to Crandor Isle