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What is Scape05?

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Scape05 is a Runescape private server wich currently is in early access, during early access things are subject to change. Early access gives us developers time to develop and expand Scape05. All while you can enjoy the 2005 experience! Early access does NOT mean your account will be reset once early access is over.

  • The experience rate is set to 4.5 times the normal rate (this excludes quest xp rewards)
  • With the ::players command you can see who is online and how many, you can hide yourself from this list by turning private chat off or to friends to hide from people that you are not friend with

You might notice that some things are not working as intended, or not at all! If you run into bugs or missing content please report this to our # bug-reports channel in our Discord server

What are the differences between 2005 and 2007 / OSRS / Runescape 2 ?

There are quite some major differences. In the year 2005 Runescape 2 was very basic and plain, many players where still learning the game and being a noob was actually fun not knowing how certain things work or would end up. Scape05 offers the content up to the cache date wich is set to June 27 2005. Everything up to this date is going to be developed and added to Scape05. To refresh your mind a bit; here’s a list with global changes.

! indicates that this feature is not working

  • Lumbridge has no bank upstairs.
  • No home teleport
  • Graphics are original and true to 2005
  • Monsters have their original appearance
  • Items have their original appearance
  • Item drops original and true to 2005
  • Old interfaces
  • All available quests from Cooks Assistant till !Recruitment Drive.
  • Old death mechanics (after dying you will spawn at Lumbridge. After 1 minute your items become visible for everyone and after 5 minutes your items disappear)
  • Old random events and the old way how they worked (Npc’s become aggressive after a short while when ignoring)

Here is a small guide covering all events in Scape05 Random Events



Scape05 will have all content up until June 27th of 2005. Everything after this date will not be added.

Wich content is working at Scape05 ?

Because we're still in Early acces this means some things are unfinished or not implemented yet. Most quest items are available to use if yo meet the requirements tied to that quest. The same counts for certain guilds where you'd normally need the quest to enter the guild.

Available items

  • Steel gauntlets (wich can be upgraded to the 3 other types of gloves from the !Familiy Crest quest)
  • Legends cape (you do need the !Legends Quest requirements to enter the guild and wear it)
  • Mithril seeds
  • Silverlight sword
  • Dragon halberd
  • Dragon battleaxe and mace (you do need the !Heroes Quest requirements to enter the guild)
  • Dragon scimitar (bought at the Zanaris market shop because !Monkey Madness)
  • Fremennik helms from !The Fremennik Trails
  • Karamja poison
  • Zamorak robes
  • Pet cat
  • Silver sickle (b)
  • Druid pouch
  • Damaged books
  • Boots of lightness
  • Law talisman
  • Doctor's gown


Accesable areas

  • 'Shilo village (Possible to use the cart at Brimhaven)
  • West Ardougne (dig with a spade at Mud patch near Edmonds house)
  • 'Underground Pass (Only the last bit has to be traversed to get to Isafdar)
  • Isafdar
  • Elf camp
  • Tyras camp
  • Miscellania & Ecteteria
  • Jaldraocht pyramid (to get ancient magicks)
  • Paterdomus temple (The temple guardian has to be slain first)

Shortcuts / transportation

  • Tunnel from Taverley to Catherby
  • Trapdoor at the Hair of the Dog tavern to Mort Myre
  • The hollows swamp boat to Mor’ton
  • Stile to hop over cabbage field fence in Falador
  • Riding cart to Shilo village & Brimhaven
  • Gnome glider
  • Spirit trees