Black Dragon

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Blue dragon
Combat level 111
Location Taverley dungeon, Heroes Guild
Info When in combat always wear a anti-dragonfire shield / anti-dragonfire potion to prevent damage from its dragonfire. Protect from Magic prayer prevents some damage but not 100%.
Loot Dragon bones, Blue dragonhide, Adamantite bar, Adamantite full helm, Adamantite ore, Bass (1), Chaos talisman (Rare), Coins, Dragon Medium (very rare), Dragon spear (very rare), Fire runes (37), Gems, Half of a key (Very Rare), Herbs, Iron arrows, Law runes (3), Mithril axe (hatchet), Mithril kiteshield, Mithril mace, Mithril spear, Nature talisman (very rare), Nature runes (15), Rune dagger, Rune javelins, Rune spear (rare), Shield left half (Extremely Rare), Steel axe, Steel battleaxe, Steel platebody, Steel platelegs, Water runes (75)