Aberrant spectre

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Abberant spectre

Abberant spectre 101.png

Combat level 96
Location Inside the Slayer tower at the 3rd floor. The Slayer tower is located north-west of Canifis in Morytania
Info Wear a nosepeg all the time before attacking, otherwise its attacks will drain you're stats
  • Adamant platelegs,
  • Coins (460)
  • Gems
  • Herbs (1-4),
  • Lava battlestaff,
  • Mithril kiteshield
  • Mystic robe bottom (dark)
  • Nothing
  • Rune full helmet
  • Steel hatchet,
  • Left shield half Half of a key
  • Rune Javelin (5)
  • Nature talisman