Aberrant spectre

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Combat level(s) Level 96
HP & Combat Unknown HP, players must wear a nosepeg during combat or they will suffer severe combat skill reductions. Their attacks are magic based.
4.5x Experience Unknown.
Locations 3rd floor of the Morytania Slayer Tower.
Examine A very smelly ghost.
  • Currency: Coins (460)
  • Weapons & Ammunition: Lava battlestaff, rune javelin (5)
  • Armor & Equipment: Adamant platelegs, mithril kiteshield, dark mystic robe bottom, rune full helm,
  • Runes & Talismans: Nature talisman
  • Tools: Steel axe
  • Resources: Assorted uncut gems, assorted herbs.
  • Rare: This monster's drops can potentially access the rare drop table.
Trivia Aberrant spectres are a great source of herbs.