Aberrant spectre

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Combat level(s) Level 96
HP & Combat Unknown HP, players must wear a nosepeg during combat or they will suffer severe combat skill reductions. Their attacks are magic based.
4.5x Experience Unknown.
Locations 3rd floor of the Morytania Slayer Tower.
Examine Unknown examine text.
  • Currency: Coins (460)
  • Weapons & Ammunition: Lava battlestaff, rune javelin (5)
  • Armor & Equipment: Adamant platelegs, mithril kiteshield, dark mystic robe bottom, rune full helm,
  • Runes & Talismans: Nature talisman
  • Tools: Steel axe
  • Resources: Assorted uncut gems, assorted herbs.
  • Rare: This monster's drops can potentially access the rare drop table.
Trivia No trivia yet.