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I have been playing the Scape05 server since the launch - in september 2018? somwhere around that time- I first played another server where Devenir was part of , the Rune1 2004 remake server. It was fun to play and offered many nostalgic feels. After this server got closed and i got to know about Scape05, the 2005 remake i was curious about it. As soon it launched i started playing, and i have seen quite some changes to what its currently is.

I have started playing the original Runescape 2 back in march 2005. I gues 2005 and 2006 are the best years to play back imo then because it was a populair online game to play, even with our crappy internet then.

While im at Scape05, feel free to ask me in the game or trough Discord if u want help or whatever regarding Scape05. Cheers !