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Lumbridge is a town in the kingdom of Misthalin, north west of Al-Kharid and south of Varrock. It is the starting point for new players, and they can often be seen running around. It has many useful locations, such as a cow field, a chicken coop, an axe store, general store and more. Should a player die, they will respawn here, with only their 3 most valuable items. There are a few men in the castle to pickpocket for money.


Notable features





  • Lumbridge was probably named after the bridge over the River Lum it houses.
  • New players start here after designing their character.
  • Unlike in Oldschool RuneScape/Runescape 3 there is no bank in Lumbridge in Scape05. Players who started after the bank was added to Lumbridge in 2007 often wander around looking for the bank here.