Chaos Dwarf

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Chaos dwarf
Chaos dwarf.png
Combat level 48
Location North of Bone yard at level 31 Wilderness, Deep Wilderness dungeon, East of The Forgotten Cemetery level 30 Wilderness, Taverley dungeon
Info Dwarves gone bad.
Loot Coins (25-310), Steel square shield, Steel full helm, Mithril bar, Mithril dagger, Mithril longsword, Mithril square shield, Rune javelin (5), Muddy key, Law rune (3), Chaos rune (10), Nature rune (9), Air rune (16-24), Mind rune (25-37), Death rune (3), Cosmic rune (3), Uncut Gems, Cheese, Tomato, Coal, Chaos talisman, Half of a Key, Steel kite shield, and Steel platelegs